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Sean's by Sean Bateman Nine

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the “America” that never was…

Mitt Romney Week From Hell Prompts Republican Freak-Out

turning point the GOP is trying to re-enforce - the “lets keep America - America…” up until now America has been in Love with its own myth - A myth that was created in Hollywood films in the late 40s - early 1950’s - but if you add it up - that “Norman Rockwell America” never was- - that America stays in the mind of many who were born in the 1930s -1940s - they have a “money hoarding” mentality / psychology to their actions on how they view life & the people around them - money: the abundance of it - will to their minds fix everything - give them a good life…that their parents didnt have b/c their parents came out of the Great Depression - in the mind of most GOP’ers there is some (non-existent) golden age - supposedly mid 50’s where everything was just “perfect…” but when you know history - the crime in the 30s and 40s 50s was truly brutal - the politics - ?? google McCarthyism - Vietnam war - 60s protests - Watts riots - the “Time that never was…” GOP’ers cling desperately to this lie - BUT add it up the “Promise of America” is Obama fighting for the tired - the poor - the huddled masses…the sick - the downtrodden - any Bully can kick a person on the floor - (ala Romney/ GOP) it takes a true Man of “God” to bend over and pick him up..

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