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Romney’s “God”  ??

Jay Carney: Mitt Romney God Currency Attack Is ‘Absurd’

Romney wont discuss or say exactly what “His” “God” believes - ??? dont assume everyone has the same idea or understanding - if you ask me - Obama is attending to the sick - the poor the needy - these are tenets of Christianity - he has all ready proven this by his actions - Romneys actions - ?? offshore tax havens - tax cuts for billionaires — guts companies rapes people of pensions - takes tax cuts from the American Govt - and get rich off of them - wants more - google Bain - tax cuts - then he runs around saying implying our govt is giving all this money to ppl in poverty - when in fact one scholar said - the American corp is the welfare queen…this guy is robbing ppl blind - hes a parasite - there is no other way to cast it — he is the source of fear and pain and poverty for he created it for many many ppl….

I believe the Bible states - “It will be easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than it will be for a rich man to get into heaven…” dont really see Rob-ME quoting that part - even Bush Senior had a slogan - “Kinder - gentler nation…” to me it obvious that the Romney - GOP extremists want us to “submit” to their “God” bother to read what Mormons actually believe - according to them and their texts — this is a fact - verifiable — Mormons believe that white heterosexual males are the only rightful ?? hiers to the - their Throne of God…theres more alot more - find the truth for yourself - takes 15 mins online — and it will blow your mind - also Ex-mormons over at youtube - many are leaving and telling why….

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